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Get a fresh start. Report a mispronounced word. It was the size of an Olympic swimming pool with no windows, many air vents and no stated purpose.

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In military terminologya black site is a location at which an unacknowledged black operation or black project is conducted. It can refer to the facilities that are controlled by the CIA and used by the U. President George W.

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The CIA held Mohamed Farag Ahmad Bashmilah in several different cells when he was incarcerated in its network of secret prisons known as "black sites. He was sometimes naked, and sometimes handcuffed for weeks at a time. In one cell his ankle was chained to a bolt in the floor.

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The committee released a declassified summary of its report in That site was closed by the end of ; it would take another four years for Abu Zubaydah to be transferred from CIA custody to Guantanamo, where he has been incarcerated for more than 11 years. From August 4,through August 23,the CIA subjected Abu Zubaydah to its enhanced interrogation techniques on a near hour-per-day basis. After Abu Zubaydah had been in complete isolation for 47 days, the most aggressive interrogation phase began at approximately AM on August 4,

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They were then flown to Rabat, Morocco, before being officially sent to the U. In SeptemberPresident George W. He then acknowledged for the first time that the CIA had been operating a secret network of prisons overseas to detain and interrogate high-value targets.

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You may have heard black sites mentioned in connection with Gina Haspelthe current deputy director of the CIA, whom President Trump has nominated to replace Mike Pompeo as head of the agency. Haspel's nomination has attracted criticism and controversy, and black sites are at the center of it. A black site is a secret prison used by the CIA to interrogate subjects for the purpose of obtaining intelligence.

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In Februarysecurity forces in southern Thailand hauled in a year-old Muslim man and demanded he confess to participating in a violent separatist insurgency. Officers tied him to a chair, covered his face with a shirt and poured water into his mouth until he choked. There, American officers repeatedly waterboarded at least two high-profile detainees, part of the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques that much of the world would later describe as torture.

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Larry Siems with design by Sam Morris. Mon 9 Oct There were 20 cells inside the prison, each a stand-alone concrete box. In 16, prisoners were shackled to a metal ring in the wall.

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It is surprising that it has taken this long to reach this point, where one might obtain minimal legal redress for pain and suffering. There should be no question about the legality of torture. It has been universally condemned and banned by both the Geneva and United Nations Conventions for good reasons.

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Central Intelligence Agency used a wider array of sexual abuse and other forms of torture than was disclosed in a Senate report last year, according to a Guantanamo Bay detainee turned government cooperating witness. Interrogators, some of whom smelled of alcohol, also threatened to beat him with a hammer, baseball bats, sticks and leather belts, Khan said. The U. CIA officials have said they believed Khan repeatedly lied to them during interrogations.


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