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It was said by the participants in the survey that present day youth who go to strip clubs tend to be more sensitive and respectful towards strippers as compared to their older counterparts. This is despite the fact that, like strip clubs, pornography is also banned in India. Affluent sections of the society often maintained Harems where males, females and transgenders resided. In lieu of the social stigmas attached to sex and sexuality, India continues to be a conservative and orthodox country even in the contemporary times. It has also been under scrutiny by the moral police brigade, and there have been instances of legal sanctioning as a result of pressure from the conservative groups.

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indian strip clubs

Thursday 6th of February

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[VoxSpace Life] Strip Clubs In India – A Distant Dream Despite Rampant Westernization

Hostel Daze is a brilliant web series made with passion, which will take you on a nostalgic ride, make you experience various emotions and leave you laughing and cheering. It is important to make the youth aware of the concept of consent. Factors such as western colonialism, and to a little extent Islam, are considered by historians as possible factors which triggered an era of Victorian morality in India. Although these notions have been discarded by the countries where it actually originated, they have been rigorously followed in erstwhile colonies like India and other countries of the Indian Subcontinent.

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