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futa on futa tumblr
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We unite in our battle against those that wish to see us perish! Pushed so far I was ready, made a plan, and waited for my family to leave the house so I could be alone to go through with my plan. One all of the different art styles. None of the works here are mine. I will always Reblog this…. Rightfully so, from the claims of Tumblr. How pathetic of a monster do you have to be to go out of your way to waste your time trying to hurt someone else.

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No one should die because they are hated on.

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Giana. Age: 27.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Have any ideas, just let me know, I might consider it. We take this battle to the land of Tumblr Staff! They made an algorithm that would root out all nsfw blogs…they sent it out to the world. They only hate on others cause their life is miserable.

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