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They got mad just for that? I guess calling it "rape" was too far, but those were indeed implied sex scenes to some extent, except for Angelo Sauper's which is glossed in white. At the start of the series who would have guessed Kira would have stolen his friend's Fiancee? There was really such little information about the character relationships at that point in the show that it was all speculative. Also details about forced abortion. It's mention edon the SEED page of the gundam wiki, under trivia, that the directors were punished for the scene.

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I believe these two's backstories are pretty good and that it was a shame that it had to be culled hard in the OVA, especially Angelo's.

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Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Marida's story made me cry hard because it shows that prostitution isn't some idealized thing. That being said, there's no reason why anyone should've lost their shit over Kira hooking up with Flay instead of Lacus -- especially considering Kira was shown to have feelings for Flay from Ep 1. About it being a fine, I seem to recall that being from some facebook post announcing like "this day in Gundam history" but I can't find it.

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