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I've got theater booked for the next year and a half, and all of that, of course, has a contingency in that if I get cast in another television series, then they understand why I would have to bow out. I've always loved a live audience. He's always talking about the Jews. I just loved her so, and you know, spread the wealth, spread the wealth. If they offered me the role of Mr. It's much too controversial," and shelved it again. Do you know who the first two pairs of actors were who had the roles of Gloria and Mike?

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What's your favorite memory from " All in the Family "?

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How can I, for months, my first year of medical school, be cutting up a human body and dissecting it and looking at it. I'm going to see your film. I made that movie with him a hundred years ago, and I'm not going to go over there and make a fool out of myself. I haven't seen you in so long.

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