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As it is, certain men weirdly seem to presume that they have a right to see women naked. Face tattoos automatically place someone outside society, which hits the spot for rebellious teenagers. A cat hanging cutely out of a nostril? Or do they have to pretend they like it too? Fetch the smelling salts — two men danced together on Strictly Come Dancing! Nude scenes are loaded with pressure: first, wanting the job; then wanting to be perceived as a team player.

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Selah. Age: 30.
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Perhaps the new guidelines will help people such as Clarke in the simplest, most effective way possible — making it a damn sight more difficult to justify asking them to get undressed in the first place.

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Kailani. Age: 22.
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And Clarke agreed to do such scenes, as did co-star Maisie Williams. If they balk at society telling them what to do ma-aan! While on-screen nudity is a choice, and some are fine about it, too many others feel uncomfortable and obliged.

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