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I just ignored it, but the nipple got inflamed and swollen so I also put band aids on it. See all in Getting Pregnant. She lifts her shirt up showing all and plays with her nipple along with sucking her thumb. Password Forgot your password? Sometimes I would even sneak and do it if I had my shirt off I would have a pillow in front of me. My 2 year old daughter has been touching her nipples since before 18 months. I tell her no and she's a very obedient child so she has stopped and every now and then when she doesn't notice she does it but I catch it.

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Lillianna. Age: 22.
girl playing with nipples

But when I asked her why she does it, she said cause it tickles.

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Braelyn. Age: 22.
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My daddy used to get so mad at me for it and he would tell me to stop being mannish. It quickly became a everyday thing and the last month or so she does it every chance she can. Is my sons developmental delays cause from Polyhydramnios?

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