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A contrast in view is that toy preferences reflect biologically determined preferences for specific activities facilitated by specific toys. Sex differences in response to children's toys in nonhuman primates Cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus Evolution and Human Behavior. Materials and Methods Subjects Subjects were rhesus monkey Macaca mulatta members of a multi-male, multi-female social group of animals that had lived together for more than 25 years at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center Field Station. Focusing analyses on total frequencies and total durations of interaction rather than on individual behaviors reduced but did not eliminate skew. Cambridge: Harvard University Press; Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology. Thus, girls are less rigid than boys in their gender-typed beliefs, behaviors, and preferences, including toy preferences Ruble et al.

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Sexually dimorphic behavior in group-housed rhesus-monkeys Macaca-Mulatta at 1 year of age.

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Parental socialization of young children's play: a short-term longitudinal study. A more parsimonious explanation is that since the vervets were never presented with actual toy choices the results do not accurately reflect preferences, but show substantial cross sex willingness to play with any toy. Subjects with fewer than 5 total behaviors 3 males and 14 females were excluded from analyses, producing a final n of 23 females and 11 males.

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